Leadership & Organisational Behaviour

HONESTY, ETHICS, INTEGRITY… these are very small words but have heavy meanings attached to them.

The trio have been in demand since time immemorial! If you look at it from an economists pont of view, it’s a simple demand and supply graph. The keener you look for them, the harder they are to get. But why? Why has it become so difficult for people in their career span to come out and be truthful and show that there is an iota of integrity left in them? Haven’t we been always morally policed and have been scorned at and reprimanded for behaviours that are not socially acceptable. Then why are such virtues in such a short supply especially in their work place?

The virtues we exhibit, have been handed down to us from our forefathers and just like DNA it started its own variations. People always knew the right from the wrong, no grey areas. Well, whatever they chose, their choices were driven from all the upbringing and the societal perceptions. So why is it hard to find them now?

The answers lie within us. We have been so used to identifying the “Grey Areas” that we have actually stopped considering that, black and white still exist. What is right is right, isn’t it? Why can’t we be honest about it? Do we shy away from self -monitoring? That is the first of the two pronged approach.

The second part, lies in the hands of the Guiding Forces, namely our Leaders in this context. Any positive or negative tone caught in the organization, is driven by them. We all know a top down approach works with ease and at higher levels of acceptance. So, as leaders in our respective fields, if we set our C- suite’s behavioral tone in order (either via power of repetition , behavior modification workshops etc.), we shall start to move on course (cascading effect of such behavior shall be observed).

When our leaders have set the pace, shown us the light; then what’s there to wait around for? If the organizations build their leaders with strong values and virtues, they shall be able to lead their people on the path of success.

Why do we remember leaders like Jack Welsh (GE) or Azim Premji (Wipro)? They embody the trio and lead the path of success and people believe them and so follow them.

As glorious and simple as it sounds, it is not a cakewalk. We have to work towards the goal of having the trio in our organization and simultaneously keeping a hawk’s eye on any weeds claiming to threaten it. Till the time, it becomes a habit as starts coming naturally to the employees, we the leaders should gear up for the road ahead.


The Turnabout..!

The 14 years of schooling, teaches one a lot of life lessons. It might be about basic life lessons, your career choices, or maybe even who your best pals would be, who would stand by you through thick and thin. But it does not stop just stop at that.

You have important choices to make. Those choices might even lead you to a totally different time zone. But, their’s no running away from it. It’s always good to keep a few pointers in mind before coming on a decision.

  1. No to Pressure– Never bulk under the pressure of doing maybe what is right. Do not come under the pressure of losing your friends, you will lose them. But, those who really want to stay with you would make an actual effort of being in it. Other’s will just hide under the excuse of not having enough time.
  2. Listen to your Parents– Listen to them, they have experience backing them. They don’t want anything bad to happen to you, or you to go downhill on your career path. Do not bulk under pressure. Just LISTEN.
  3. Listen to your Heart– It knows. Your heart knows, what you want, and the brain knows how to take your there. That small voice that tells you to catch that train, go catch it. Do not die thinking about the what if’s.
  4. Read & Research– It’s understandable that you are confused. Read about it, talk to people who have already taken such a career option. Talk to your teacher’s, it always helps to clear your nagging doubts.
  5. Make a plan B,C,D,E…..Z– There are 26 alphabets which means 26 different plans which can further be like your excel sheet. The reason behind having another plan ready at your disposal is, you are not the only one who might be running after a Harvard or the premier IIM’s closer home. For every you, you will find atleast 50-60 people more running for that same seat. Make plans,and never lose heart.


Making a career choice is a turnabout of your life. It will make you something, maybe not what you wanted to be, maybe something better. Never lose hope, never lose heart. Miracles happen each day. You just need to keep looking. It might sound odd at first, but 10 years down the line, when you look back you would realise that all the pressure and the stress you took, wasn’t worth a dime.

Wish you a very best in your career choices. You are a ROCKSTAR!! Kudos to you..!!

Student’s We All Knew..!

As the class 12th boards are just winding up, their starts a chaos. The school is getting over, you would lose some friends, make some new ones. So, nature has a way of balancing things proportionately. You win some, lose some.

Now, obviously one would see all sorts of students.

  1. The Know It All’s– These students are those who know exactly what they want how they want and maybe ya, even why do they want it. So some of them are the rich kids of stinking rich parents, who have a huge business empire to their name and are highly ambitious people. Somehow the same gene dominated in them too. These doer’s dominated each event at a school functions, also academically inclined.
  2. The Gossipers– Being in their good books is as bad as being in their bad books. By the definition of bad, you aren’t as bad as they make out you to be. Maybe in the kinder garden you refused to share your pencil colors with them! So, there are people who just never let go! A menace for mental health I tell you.
  3. The Helpers– This category of students or maybe even only one are the sweetest sweetest people that you would find who never say NO! This is another category of doer’s. But are always silently helping while expecting nothing in return. They just wanna make friends and help making it a happy place in return. So, they might be a part of many groups but no core group.
  4. The Last Bencher’ s– These have the maximum amount of fun unarguably..!Non-judgemental who have fun with everybody. The teacher’s stick or even 10 rounds in the basketball court can never stop them from crackling fun. You are sad go to them, you are too happy please go to them, anything is troubling you, go tell them, they will make you realize that smiling makes the world look better.
  5. The Observers– These are the tricky one’s. They silently observe each and everything that is happening around. And at the end of the day each and everything is reported in detail to the class teacher. Ya you heard me right! These ohh so silent people weren’t your fast friends as much as you might have thought, or maybe they were, but even they could not help it! A teacher’s reliable source.
  6. The Pets– Oooh..!! These people were probably the most hated of em’ all. They used to literally butter out their way through any situation. And this was a skill almost everyone wanted to learn. Quick thinkers, smart but not so academically intelligent. Averagers who always got their A grades in extra curricular.
  7. The All-rounders– How can we forget these people? There are always a few bunch of kids who are kind hearted, academically sound, happy to help, give good advice, good in art as well as know when to share a laugh here and there and are sane talkers!


I guess one could go on and on about it.. But the point being, school is such a place where one meets literally all sorts of people, it prepares you for the best and the worst days of your life!! You will make new friends, some school friends would stay, some would move on, its ok…don’t lose heart so soon.

Everyone is struggling in their own way, some mentally others emotionally or maybe even financially. Be good, do good to people, something nice will eventually come back to you. A kind human is so much better than a money making machine who was once only a human.