Health is that one thing that even though being the most important pinwheel of our lives, is neglected the most. As  kids we were always told to eat a good amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, dals etc. Saag was the most hated of the vegetables and not far behind were the long bottle gourds, the pesky little bitter gourds and the sunny yellow pumpkins.

But as we grew up, excessive consumption of cola’s, pepsi, burgers, pizzas took a toll on us, in the form of low immunity, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other lifestyle disorders. So, as there was a boom in the consumption of unhealthy foods, there was a boom in the number of people going to hospitals hence increasing their revenue. Not that anybody is against the coming up of hospitals, but that little thought always crosses one’s mind.

So today, our highly revered scientists are busy finding cures to various diseases rather than guiding people to going back to the healthier and cleaner foods of the yore.


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